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Eclipse - a natural event or bad omen ?

What have we observed and experienced on 31st Jan 2018 was interesting. Well, it was eclipse as all of you know. There were attributes given to this eclipse Viz., blue moon, Blood moon, super moon
·Blue moon – it is a rare event; a full moon is seen twice in January. I never notice this fact that there is only one full moon in a month, didn’t pay much attention to stars and moons. ·Bloodmoon - Don’t know whether people have seen it really in red color! It seems that due to earth atmosphere, the refracted light appear red in color
·Supermoon – Moon is closure to planet earth, hence appear big in size.
Aaahh no! Don’t think that I am found of celestial things or planets. I got this news from the news channel, where a school kid has expanded the different names of the moon.  What I really hate about eclipse was, there are certain duties which were forced on us, and some are: ·Don’t eat or drink during eclipse – forget about bad omen, it would definitely make people sick if you don’t eat or d…

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