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A day with my daughter

Hurrah… I made my wife dream come true by managing my lovely sunshine (daughter) for a whole day. Well, it is overwhelming to think how I managed. I think these are some tips a bad father (like me) can follow to satiate the need of the situation.
To start off with, I didn’t make my daughter realize that her mom is out. We planned the escape when the tiger (daughter) is asleep. By the time she woke up, it is not in my hands to bring her mother back, because she is in Bangalore’s crazy traffic. It is easy to manage my kid instead of giving instructions to my wife what bus to catch, and escape the ire of being serious offender (by not managing my daughter).
By the way, let me recollect how I managed:
Entertainment: My old laptop is hers now, she stamps feet and tap to the tunes as if she is an amateur dancer and croons to the tunes by nodding her head as if she knows how to pronounce every word. Well, seeing all these is an entertainment to the daddy, but my souls come out and knock m…

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